“Flo—Grown” Commercial Grade Video Surveillance


Benefits of Video Surveillance


There are many benefits to installing video surveillance on a construction site. They include but are not limited to:

· Simplifying Theft Prevention

· Keeping Intruders and Petty Criminals Out

· Ensuring a Safe Working Site for Employees and Visitors

· Monitoring the Construction Process for Increased Efficiency

· The Ability to Check on the Construction Site via Wireless Devices like Smart Phones

· Saving Money through Preventing Liability Lawsuits

Video surveillance cameras can allow stakeholders to view time-lapse video of the daily and nightly activities of the construction site. This enables them to monitor progress and identify and address potential problems before they happen. This can protect the health and lives of the workers and play a major role in loss prevention and construction delays and overruns. 


Our Experience

· When a major Construction company needed commercial grade video surveillance for their $25 million dollar construction project, they consulted with Quinnfinite Business Solutions.

· Construction surveillance is a serious issue. With theft and vandalism on the rise and the need to ensure workers are doing what they should during the workday, having video surveillance and real time video monitoring on work sites makes perfect sense. 

· Quinnfinite helps to make sure construction materials are not being  pilfered or misused, workers are putting in an honest day’s work, and staff is following the appropriate construction site plans and guidelines.  


Our Approach

 · Loss of time and materials are a serious concern for many construction companies and investors. Setting up video surveillance of the work site can make a significant difference. 

· There are a number of unique security issues facing construction sites. Theft of copper pipes, lumber, steel, wire, and other raw materials is a serious issue on many job sites. 

· Accidents and vandalism are also issues many in the construction industry are forced to contend with and address. There is also the need to monitor suspicious activity. 

· Installing security cameras can address all of these. 


Why Us?

· Local business partners are key—that’s why we believe in working where we and our partners live, providing “Flo-Grown” IT services. 

· We offer a unique set of tools to address the security and safety issues construction sites face every day. 

· It begins with a security assessment of the worksite and encompasses the installation, monitoring, updating, and maintenance of the security assets. 

· Having a carefully planned and monitored video surveillance system can make construction site monitoring simple. Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skillset or tool, call or email us today.